Small Things About the Violin #1: Scrolls

SMALL THING #1   SCROLLS                                                                   

Does the shape of the SCROLL affect the sound?                                                                   Here’s a standard scroll: scroll                                                                                OR maybe …..    scroll2 OR …yikes! scroll3

ANSWER: No, IT DOESN’T – “the shape/design of the scroll (including the peg box), does not affect the tone” (if it is attached properly).

ha ha ha ha  … someone blogged: ‘the tone of this violin was improved greatly by adding an Irish cow horn to the scroll. Many clients have asked f0r Irish cow horns  for their scrolls …




About violinworks

Peter M. Dunn is a career teacher of violin. He specializes in teaching young children, preparing students for university, and helping adults to 'get started'. His principles are: learn to listen, learn to relax the muscles, learn how to work at home, and will enjoy a long and successful journey with the violin.
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