Violin and Gravity: partners for a good sound!

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This post is for Beginners,  for Fiddlers and for Teachers

Why do we hold the violin UP? Does it really matter?


It’s all about Violin and Gravity? Why so?

You want a smooth, clear sound, right? You want to feel loose and natural when you play? Read on!

Question: Violin and Gravity: what’s that all about?

Answer: When violin strings vibrate, you hear music.  It’s this simple: the more natural the vibration, the more pleasant the sound. Natural vibration happens when a  bow lies gently on the string. The bow is heavy enough by itself (almost).

  like this….

SO?  If  you hold the violin parallel to the floor (more or less), and just let the bow lie on the string, GRAVITY will provide the weight. If you press too hard,  you know what happens (screech). If you angle the violin toward the floor  there’s not enough weight, and you sound thin and unconvincing.

What to do: keep the violin up (more or less). If you’re aiming at mice or birds, that’s not it!

Uh-oh: keeping the violin up is:  annoying, uncomfortable, too classical!

On an upcoming Post (#?): Tips on keeping comfortable under your chin.

   a student & myself: very conventional

 Classic: too formal for you?

Fiddler – it works, but …

How about these?   Well, now and then …

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Peter M. Dunn is a career teacher of violin. He specializes in teaching young children, preparing students for university, and helping adults to 'get started'. His principles are: learn to listen, learn to relax the muscles, learn how to work at home, and will enjoy a long and successful journey with the violin.
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